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As you navigate unprecedented challenges in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, know that the Coalition for Adequate School Housing stands ready to support. This page will serve as our central resource for information related to the impact of the pandemic on school facilities and maintenance. We’re in this together.


Governor’s Executive Order No. N-33-20 and Impacts on School Construction Projects

Impact of Executive Orders on School Facilities

Impact of Emergency Legislation on School Facilities



Governor’s Executive Orders*

School District Reopening Plans

Agency Guidance

*Only those that affect school facilities and maintenance.


September 24 – COVID-19 Impacts on District Surplus Property, Real Estate Values and Investments

PowerPoint from September 24 Webinar

Video from September 24 Webinar

Memorandum from September 24 Webinar

September 3 – Indoor Air Quality: Research and HVAC Maintenance Required for Healthy Classrooms

PowerPoint from September 3 Webinar

Video from September 3 Webinar

Memorandum from September 3 Webinar

August 27 – COVID-19 Funding: Allowable Expenditures

PowerPoint from August 27 Webinar

Video from August 27 Webinar

Memorandum from August 27 Webinar

August 13 – FEMA Hands on Application for Funding

PowerPoint from August 13 Webinar

Video from August 13 Webinar

Memorandum from August 13 Webinar

August 6 – Breaking News: Facilities and Operational Challenges Encountered as We Reopen Schools

PowerPoint from August 6 Webinar

Video from August 6 Webinar

Memorandum from August 6 Webinar

July 30 – Foggers and Electrostatic Sprayers in Action: Cleaning, Sanitizing, and Disinfecting

PowerPoint from July 30 Webinar

Video from July 30 Webinar

Memorandum from July 30 Webinar

July 23 – Preparation for School Re-Entry: Ways & Means for Sanitizing and Disinfecting Play & Athletic Facilities

PowerPoint from July 23 Webinar

Video from July 23 Webinar

Memorandum from July 23 Webinar

July 16 – State General Fund Budget 2020-2021: Funding in the Pandemic

PowerPoint from July 16 Webinar

Video from July 16 Webinar

Memorandum from July 16 Webinar

July 9 – Disinfecting Classrooms and Indoor Spaces to Achieve Health and Safety Goals

PowerPoint from July 9 Webinar

Video from July 9 Webinar

Memorandum from July 9 Webinar

June 25 – School Social Distancing Logistics

PowerPoint from June 25 Webinar

Video from June 25 Webinar

Memorandum from June 25 Webinar

June 18 – FEMA Disaster Funding: Counting Every Dollar

PowerPoint from June 18 Webinar

Video from June 18 Webinar

Memorandum from June 18 Webinar

June 11 – The Risks and Liabilities Anticipated in Opening School

PowerPoint from June 11 Webinar

Video from June 11 Webinar

Memorandum from June 11 Webinar

June 4 – Communications: Parents, Students, Employees and Community

PowerPoint from June 4 Webinar

Video from June 4 Webinar

Memorandum from June 4 Webinar

May 28 – Maintenance and Operations Part Two: Sanitizing, Disinfecting and Cleaning Playgrounds, Athletic and Large Assembly Indoor/Facilities

PowerPoint from May 28 Webinar

Video from May 28 Webinar

Memorandum from May 28 Webinar

May 21 – Maintenance and Operations: Sanitizing, Disinfecting, Healthy Air and Constant Monitoring

PowerPoint from May 21 Webinar

Video from May 21 Webinar

Memorandum from May 21 Webinar

May 14 – School Schedules, Class Size with Social Distancing & Other Issues Addressing Public Health Security Fears

PowerPoint from May 14 Webinar

Video from May 14 Webinar

Memorandum from May 14 Webinar

May 7 – A Briefing from Sacramento: Where the Legislature and Governor are Taking California in the Pandemic

PowerPoint from May 7 Webinar

Video from May 7 Webinar

Memorandum from May 7 Webinar

April 30 – Anticipating Federal COVID-19 Assistance State Budget Challenges and the Economy

PowerPoint from April 30 Webinar

Video from April 30 Webinar

Memorandum from April 30 Webinar

April 23 – Construction Climate Under the Governor’s Order: Contractor Subcontractor Workforce Supplier and PPE Availability

PowerPoint from April 23 Webinar

Video from April 23 Webinar

Memorandum from April 23 Webinar

April 16 – Future State and Local Bonds Alternative Capital Funding Availability Options Planning During the Coronavirus Crisis

PowerPoint from April 16 Webinar

Video from April 16 Webinar

Memorandum from April 16 Webinar

April 9 – K-12 Food Preparation & Service, Cleaning, Maintenance and Construction in the Coronavirus Environment

PowerPoint from April 9 Webinar

Video from April 9 Webinar

Memorandum from April 9 Webinar

April 2 – The Governor’s Order Construction Project Delays and Paying Contractors During the Coronavirus Crisis

PowerPoint from April 2 Webinar

Video from April 2 Webinar

Memorandum from April 2 Webinar

March 26 – Confronting the Coronavirus at School:  Cleaning, Preparation and Maintenance

PowerPoint from March 26 Webinar

Video from March 26 Webinar

Memorandum from March 26 Webinar