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Office of Public School Construction
The OPSC oversees the state's school building program and acts as staff for the State Allocation Board.

State Allocation Board
The State Allocation Board (SAB) oversees the distribution of statewide bond funds and makes policy decisions within the framework of state law.

Department of Education's School Facilities Planning Division
CDE's School Facilities Planning Division can be an essential resource for school facilities people.

Division of the State Architect
DSA provides plan check review services to school districts in addition to its responsibilities as architect of state buildings.

Department of Toxic Substances Control
The Department of Toxic Substances Control, or DTSC, protects California and Californians from exposures to hazardous wastes. More than 1,000 scientists, engineers and specialized support staff work in nine offices statewide. DTSC is a department of the California Environmental Protection Agency, or Cal/EPA.

Department of Education's Conference Calendar
Identifies statewide and national education conferences of interest to educators, parents and students

California Department of Education
The California Department of Education (CDE) Web site is truly a Goldmine of information for educators and others interested in California's school system.

Department of Industrial Relations
Established to improve working conditions for California's wage earners, and to advance opportunities for profitable employment in California.

Labor Compliance Program Information
Materials of interest to awarding bodies or third parties seeking approval for a labor compliance program as described in subdivision (b) of Labor Code section 1771.5 (public works).

Department of General Services
Agency responsible for all the state's physical plant.

Department of Finance
The Department of Finance is responsible for the preparation of the state Budget.

California School Finance Authority
Created in 1985 to oversee the statewide system for the sale of revenue bonds to reconstruct, remodel or replace existing school buildings, acquire new school sites and buildings to be made available to public school districts (K-12) and community colleges, and to assist school districts by providing access to financing for working capital and capital improvements.

Legislative Analyst's Office
The LAO provides nonpartisan fiscal and policy analysis to the California Legislature, including an annual analysis of the Governor's budget, fiscal analyses of all measures that qualify for the statewide ballot, and reports on other topics of interest to the Legislature.

The State of California
This official Web site has links to most state agencies and information about California business and attractions.

California State Senate
A comprehensive source for information about Senate members, Senate committees, past and present legislation, and the legislative process.

Senate Education Committee
A list of members of the Senate Education Committee through a link to the Committee's Web page.

California State Assembly
A comprehensive source for information about Assembly members, Assembly committees, past and present legislation, and the legislative process.

Assembly Committee on Education
A list of members of the Assembly Education Committee through a link to the Committee's Web page.

Official California Legislative Information
The Legislative Counsel's Official California Legislative Information Web site includes ways to access current and proposed law and explains how the Legislature works. The Legislative Counsel's Bureau is responsible for actually writing legislation as conceived by legislators.

California Energy Commission - Efficiency and Renewable Division
Mission of the Efficiency and Renewables Division
The Division is committed to making California's businesses, homes, and appliances more energy efficient. This commitment is achieved by:

Developing and implementing energy efficiency building standards that help ensure comfort and affordability

Identifying and developing ways to streamline energy use in agriculture, manufacturing, water systems, and processing functions

Letting Californians know that using energy wisely is a good investment in the economy and the environment

Assist Schools (K-12), Public Colleges & Hospitals, Local Government, and others to identify and implement energy efficiency measures.