2010 Workshop and Conference Handouts

December 16 Webinar - C.A.S.H. Maintenance Network Webinar Series

December 13 Webinar - C.A.S.H. Maintenance Network Webinar Series

December - Planning for the Building Season: Exploring and Understanding Project Delivery Methods

November 5 - C.A.S.H. Maintenance Network Regional Workshop, Clovis USD

November 4 - C.A.S.H./CCSA Charter School Facilities Workshop

October 27 Webinar - Sale of Surplus Property: Options for School Districts

October 22 - C.A.S.H. Maintenance Network Regional Workshop, LACOE

October - C.A.S.H. Fall Conference

September - School Facility Audits:  What You Need to Know for a Successful Audit

September 1 Webinar - Funding Opportunities:  Environmental Site Assessment and Cleanup

August - Don't Be Left OUT - What You Need to Know about Project Close-outs

August 10 Webinar - The New School Construction Bonds:  Make Federal Dollars Work for Your School Project

July - The ABC's of the New LCP Regulations

June (AM) - Legislation, Lawsuits, Lawyers, Oh My! What School Districts Need to Know about Recent Challenges to Contract Provisions and

June (PM) - More Changes Occurring within the State Facilities Program

June 24 Webinar - Lean, Mean…and Clean:  How ‘Team Cleaning’ Can Help Schools Do More With Less

June 15 Webinar - A Holistic View of the Changing Learning Environment: 

How Technology is (Finally) Catching Up With the Classroom

May - Will Your School Facility Project Get Funded? Explaining the Uncertainties of the Ever Changing State Program

April - You Want Me to Do What with Our Developer Fees?!

April 23 Webinar - New Stormwater Construction Permit Requirements: What They Mean for Schools

March - Local Funding Options in a Down Economy – What you Need to Know

February - 31st Annual Conference on School Facilities

February 3 Webinar - Implications of Going Green on M&O Departments

January - OPSC Audits (a.m.) and State and Federal Funding Update for K-12 School Facilities (p.m.)