2012 Workshop and Conference Handouts

December - Tools for Bridging to the New State Facility Program

November - Maintenance Network Workshops

November - Charter School Workshops

November Webinar - After the Election - Planning for the Next 18 Months

Fall Conference

September Workshops - Planning Your Building Program – Before and After Passing a Local Bond

August Webinar - School Facilities Issues and the State Budget: Charter Schools/Surplus Property and More

August - Qualifications-Based Selection: How to Successfully Assemble the Project Team

July - Generating Operational Savings through Energy Efficiency and Conservation

June - DSA Developments, Decisions, Direction & Insight: Process Improvements, Close-Outs, Access, and More

June Webinar -
A Coming Revolution in CEQA and Sustainable Community Planning: What School Districts Need to Know

May - Local School Financing Emporium

May Webinar- Practical Solutions to Going Green and Finding Money to Do It

April - Protecting Schools in an Environment of Changing State Policy, Case Law and Legislation 

April Webinar - Indoor Air Quality and Energy Efficiency: Improving Student Health, Creating Green Schools and Improving Your Bottom Line

C.A.S.H. 33rd Annual Conference

February - The End of Redevelopment - What Does It Mean for Schools?

January - What's New for Construction Contracts in 2012 - Labor Compliance Programs & 5% Retention Limit