2013 Workshop and Conference Handouts

December Workshop - From Planning to Project Completion: Answers to Your Questions in the Evolving World of School Facilities

Fall Conference -

Fall Pre Conference Workshop - Charting the Legal Course: Navigating Potential Pitfalls for Your Local Bond Program

September Workshops - The School Construction Inspection Card Best Practices for the Design and Construction Team: An Opportunity to Redefine the Relationship

September Workshops - The Future Is Here – Are You Prepared?The Local Control Funding Formula and School Facilities and Maintenance Departments

August Workshops - The New School Facility Program: Progress, Predictions, and Policy Implications

July Workshops - Hot Topics for Summer: The Budget, Energy and the Law

June C.A.S.H. Day Handouts

June Workshops - Are You Ready? Planning for School Safety and Disaster Preparedness

May Workshops - Educational Facilities Energy Emporium

April Workshop - The Advent of the School Construction Inspector Job Card: DSA Revolutionizes Project Inspection, Management, Electronic Documentation Submittal and Project Close-Out

March Webinar - Federal Sequestration and School Bonds

March Webinar - The NEW and IMPROVED Power Purchase Agreements for K-14 Schools

February - C.A.S.H. 34th Annual Conference

January - New Year, New Bonds, New Rules: Ensuring School Construction Success in 2013