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Reshaping the Physical School Environment to Accelerate Student Learning & Engagement



May 16, 2017: STEAM Academy, Washington Elementary School, Sacramento City USD

520 18th Street

Sacramento, CA 95811

May 17, 2017: Sheraton Grand Sacramento

1230 J Street

Sacramento, CA 95814

Dr. Don Ulrich, CASH Chair, enthusiastically encourages our school district and private sector members to bring teams of instructional leaders, superintendents, business officials, planners, architects interior designers, and construction managers to the 3rd Annual NextGen Symposium.


CASH is pleased to announce the continuation of our efforts to provide educational opportunities focused on NextGen learning. The Reshaping the Physical School Environment to Accelerate Student Learning & Engagement Symposium is focused upon rethinking the design of schools and the classroom learning environment. This event will commence at Washington Elementary School, a STEAM Academy and highly unique NextGen campus, in an effort to bring teachers, principals and other instructional leaders together with facility planners, architects, engineers, design professionals, as well as designers of school furniture, to share how changes in instruction and learning are transforming classrooms and schools.


The Symposium will begin on the afternoon of Tuesday, May 16 at the Washington Elementary School near downtown Sacramento and will reconvene the following day, Wednesday, May 17 at the Sheraton Grand Sacramento Hotel. Attendees have the choice of participating in one or both days of the NextGen Symposium thus limiting time away from their respective school sites and students if they so choose. We recognize that an educators’  first concern is to serve students.


On Day 2 of the Symposium, CASH will offer case studies of schools that demonstrate how and why the professionals involved began the process of reshaping the learning environment. The case studies will share how collaboration with students, teachers, administrators, community leaders and leaders of regulatory agencies can work to achieve the goal of reshaping learning by remaking our schools.

Tentative Agenda



If you have questions or need more information, please contact Marlene DeMaster at or 916-448-8577.


1303 J Street, Suite 520

Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: 916-448-8577