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Membership in CASH gives school facility professionals access to an elite network of professionals, as well as the resources to navigate the complex world of building and modernizing schools in California. School facility leaders, who are members of CASH, help to ensure that the K-12 school population has schools that are safe, equitable, functional, and well-maintained learning environments.

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Additional Category: List your company in more than one category in the CASH Membership Directory as a way to enhance your visibility in the organization.

Additional Limited Listing: These contacts will receive email updates as well as be listed in the online and annual printed membership directory. These contacts must be at the same address as the main contact and will have their name, phone and email listed below the main contact. If you would like to sign up a colleague in another office, each new address will need to sign up for a full membership.

Website Sponsorship: The Website is averaging 2000 hits daily. This is a very inexpensive way of keeping your company name in front of potential clients in a multi-billion market. Sponsorship allows you to directly link your firm to the CASH home page. Quick access to your site could mean the difference between making a sale or not. Your company will have a link to your website on our website sponsor page.