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Project and Construction Management firms, with a demonstrated history of successful completion of local school district modernization projects, are requested to submit proposals for Project and Construction Management Services for the Fremont Union High School District's Phase I Modernization Projects.

The District has just awarded contracts to Architectural firms for the Phase I Modernization Projects, with an aggressive schedule for completion of Construction Documents, in order to maximize the District's chances to receive funding under the State of California's new School Facilities Program. The Project and Construction Management firms must be able to start work immediately upon selection and provide Design Phase coordination and services in support of this effort.

The District intends to award contracts to Project and Construction Management firms for the following School Project Groups:

  • Monta Vista High School and Homestead High School
  • Lynbrook High School and Cupertino High School
  • Fremont High School

Please provide a proposal for all required professional services, indicating which School Project Groups your firm is proposing on, and including a staffing plan with associated hourly rates and a total cost for Project and Construction Management Services. Submit proposals by 3:00 PM, Monday, March 29, 1999.

Proposals for Project and Construction Management Services should reflect the enclosed Project Schedules and Budgets for each of the District's sites. Project services include:

  • Design Phase Project Management
    • Design Phase Coordination. Monitor the Architectural team to ensure completion of Construction Documents for the Phase I Modernization Projects by September 1, 1999. Attend and represent the District at Site Facilities Committee Meetings, User-Group Meetings, and District-Wide Coordination Meetings to facilitate the projects and ensure adherence to District program and facility design standards.
    • Constructability Review. Provide Constructability Review of documents, coordinate and reconcile comments with the Architectural teams.
    • Value Engineering Review. Coordinate the District's Value Engineering Review Workshop during the Design Development Phase of the Projects.
    • Maintenance Review. Coordinate the District's Maintenance Review Workshop during the Design Development Phase of the Projects.
    • Cost Estimating Services. Monitor each project and ensure compliance of the project with the District's project budget. Provide Cost Estimating Services for each project at Schematic Design, Design Development, and Construction Documents. Indicate your firm's approach to providing these services in the most cost-effective manner possible. Indicate local projects where your firm has successfully monitored project costs to meet budget.
    • Scheduling Services. Develop project schedules, for Design and Construction Phases, meeting deadlines required by the District's Master Plan Schedules. Monitor Architectural teams to ensure that Construction Documents will be completed by September 1, 1999. Develop project Construction Phase schedules.
    • Bid and Award Phase Services. Provide comprehensive Bid and Award Phase Services including: preparation of Div. 0 & Div. 1 specifications for each project from the District's master specifications; coordination of document distribution; Bid Marketing; Walk-Thru's; coordination with bidding Contractors; managing Bid Process including Bid Opening and related tasks prior to award of contract; recommend award and coordinate all pre-construction tasks.
  • On-Site Construction Management
    • Management for General Contractor or Limited Package Multiple Prime Contracting. Provide comprehensive Construction phase services for the Phase I Modernization Projects. Firms should provide cost proposals reflecting either General Contractor or Limited Multi-Prime approaches and indicate their preference and an associated range of costs for General Conditions where appropriate. Firms should assume full project responsibility including management and coordination of all construction activities on the site.

Proposals must provide the following information:

  1. Team Composition. Provide resumes of key individuals. Identify staff to be assigned and certify immediate availability for the requested Design Phase Project Management Services. Provide evidence of successful completion of comparable school district projects. Indicate experience of the Cost Estimating and Scheduling staff on similar projects.
  2. Team Approach. Indicate your firm's approach to providing the Services elements described above.
  3. Scope of Services. Provide a summary Scope of Services for the team and indicate which individuals will be responsible for providing services.
  4. Staffing Plan and Fee for Services. Provide a staffing plan for completion of the work. Indicate hourly rates of the staff, the hours required to complete the process tasks, and a total cost to the District. Include all meetings, staff time, coordination, and all required project expenses in your total cost to the District.

Selection Criteria. Selection by the District will be based upon:

  1. Experience. Comparable, demonstrated experience of the team in providing Design Phase services and On-Site Construction Management for local (Santa Clara County, San Jose, South Bay) school district facilities modernization projects.
  2. Team Composition. Experience of the team, previous successful projects with the proposed team members.
  3. On-Time & On-Budget performance on previously completed projects. Demonstrated ability to meet District goals for budget and schedule for complex, school modernization projects.
  4. Compatibility with Architectural Teams. Previous successful work with the Architectural teams assigned to the District's campuses and ability to develop and foster a team-based approach to Design Phase Project Management.
  5. Cost of Services. Cost of services, anticipating all tasks required to complete the proposed work.

Submit three (3) copies of your completed Proposal for Project and Construction Management Services for Phase I Modernization Projects to: William Savidge, Director of Facilities Modernization, Fremont Union High School District, 589 W. Fremont Ave., P.O. Box F, Sunnyvale, CA. 94087.


9:30 am 3DI/Tech5

10:30 am URS Greiner/Turner Construction

11:30 am PCM3

Format: We have asked the firms to make a short presentation and allow time for question and answer within a 50 min. window.

We are interested in the firms, but most interested in the individuals who will be assigned to the projects during the design phase as well as the on-site construction phase.

Some possible topics for question and answer portion:

What other projects is the Team Member proposed for the Design phase assigned to at this time? How will you meet your commitment to provide services to the District?

How does your firm conduct Constructability Reviews?

How does your firm approach Value Engineering? What type of interaction with the Architects?

If we assigned you the projects proposed, discuss your staffing. How could you staff the job in the most cost-effective manner for the District?

Discuss Cost Estimating portion of your services. How is it hand led-in-house or through and outside firm?

Discuss specific steps your team will take to guarantee that the architectural teams complete their submissions to DSA by September 1.

How would you approach Bid Marketing for Modernization projects.

Talk about your firm's preferred approach to construction packages for Modernization projects-muIti-prime, trade contracting, General Contractor.